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Restoration of the E40 waterway was discussed at a parliamentary conference of the Council of the Baltic Sea States

Benefits associated with the restoration were presented at the conference by RUMCE  "Dnepro-Bug Waterway". The conference took place in Olsztyn, on August 26. The restored waterway should become a new trade route between the ports on the Baltic and Black Seas and enable to transport up to 4 million tons of cargo.

The Council includes the Scandinavian and Baltic states, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Finland, and Russia. However, the three neighboring countries, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine, have the biggest interest in the restoration of the E40 water route. It runs through the territories of these countries but right now is unnavigable between Warsaw and Brest.

The fully functioning water route will enable Belarus, Ukraine and Poland to acquire new export opportunities, attract foreign investment in the construction of logistics centers, and develop cruise tourism along the Pripyat, one of the most pictureresque Belarusian rivers.

The presentation by RUMCE "Dnepro-Bug Waterway" was perceived in a positive way by the participants of the parliamentary conference of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. Some MPs even demonstrated the willingness to promote the idea of the E40 restoration among the political elites of the countries.

Moreover, in Olsztyn it was determined when the project of the E40 restoration will be presented to European politicians in Brussels. The conference-presentation will be held at the European Parliament on October 14, 2014. One the same day, an acommpying thematic exhibition will open in the the European Parliament building.

“We hope that such events will help the project to receive more technical and financial support at the European level. This should accelerate the start of project and hydrotechnical construction activities at the unnavigable sections of the E40 waterway. An international tender has been announced to pick up an organization which will be working on a comprehensive technical and economic justification for the E40 restoration.  The winner will be chosen in October, this year, and the justification will be presented in Septmeber, 2015”, noted Nikolai Kotetski, the head of RUMCE "Dnepro-Bug Waterway".

The project of the E40 waterway restoration has been realized by the regional authorities, state enterprises and NGOs from Belarus, Poland and Ukraine from 2014. The bulk of the financing for the project was provided by the European Union.



Andrey Rekesh, Secretary of the Commission on the development of the E40 waterway on the Dnieper-Vistula section, tel.: +375 165 30-11-76, mobile: +375 44 785-13-58, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marina Borisova, Project Communication and Visibility Manager (Foundation “Interakcia”), tel./fax: +375 17 237 48 40, mobile: +375 29 873 35 82, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of RUMCE “Dnepro-Bug Waterway” and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.



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