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The project "Restoration of the E40 Waterway on the Dnieper-Vistula Section: From Strategy to Planning" is being implemented within the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013. The Program is funded by the European Union under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument.

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Total project budget: 912,657 EUR, with 821,281 EUR financed by the EU and 91,376 EUR contributed by the Partners.


PROJECT DURATION: 24 months (2013–2015).



Contribute to greater economic attractiveness and transport accessibility of the border regions of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine by preparing the Feasibility Study of the E-40 waterway restoration and laying a foundation for implementation of the Feasibility Study at the further stages ("Planning" and "Construction").



 • Develop and get approval at all levels of one priority scenario of the navigation resumption on the entire length of the E-40 waterway, taking into account interests of and engaging all stakeholders relevant to the transport development in the border regions of Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

 • Raise public awareness of the priority restoration scenario at the regional, national and European levels.

 • Lay down the institutional framework for the implementation of further activities to restore the E-40 waterway while engaging all stakeholders.




• The cross-border Commission on the Development of the E-40 Waterway has been established, its work properly organized; representatives of regional authorities, ministries, research institutes, transport and logistics companies and environmental organizations of Belarus, Poland and Ukraine work together within the Commission.

 • A detailed Feasibility Study for restoring the E-40 waterway has been developed. It reflects interests of all target groups and beneficiaries. The best scenario has been agreed at all levels and recommended for inclusion in the regional and national E-40 waterway strategies; further activities for the reconstruction have been identified.


• Public awareness of the necessity and benefits of the waterway restoration has been raised at the national and international levels; conditions for continuous sharing information about the project have been created.


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